Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Place your bid in last seconds
In the last few seconds of the auction, place a bid that is a dollar or two higher than the current bid. It is usually best to bid in the remaining 10 seconds or so. Be wary that other people could be 'watching' this item as well so try and place a bid at a reasonable price

Place your bid in pennies
Place your bid in odd figures like $11.05 or 200.53In doing so you can easily win by others who place their bids in whole figures by few cents. Thus if you and another bidder bid at just about the same timewith same amount , you have still a chance to beat him with just a couple of pennies.

Add a high bid item in your watchlist
Add high bid item in your watchlist, if its opening bid is too high to justify placing a bid. There is possibility that no body will buy the item. Every so often after the auction ends, double-check the seller’s auctions to see if the seller has re-listed the item with a lower starting bid.

Ask for combine shipping of items.
Combine shipping when possible. When you purchase an item, double-check the seller’s other auctions and see whether you’re interested in making a second purchase. If you see something else that appeals to you, e-mail the seller to see if he will combine the items in shipping. That way you can make two purchases for a smaller single shipping bill.

Never bid early
Never bid early, but if you do, bid high. The only time this bidding early works is if no one else is interested in the auction. Usually, though, the tactic will gear up another eBay user to outbid you because suddenly the item is valuable to at least one person. If you must bid before the auction’s close, bid high.

Try for a Second Chance offer
If you get outbid and miss the chance to increase your bid on an auction item, you’d be smart to e-mail the seller and ask if he or she has any more. You may get lucky, and the seller can send you a Second Chance offer for your high bid. A seller may send a Second Chance offer to any bidder who isn’t the winning bidder under two circumstances:
• The winner does not go through with the winning bid.
• The seller has more than one of the item that was sold.

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